The MSCT offers a range of motorsport activities from entry level grass roots events that anyone can compete at with no previous motor sports experience and on a very small budget, to State Championship Rallying. We also encourage anyone who would like to try officiating at events to get in touch. This is a great way to get an insight into how are events are run, and how people prepare their cars.

what do i need TO DO TO COMPETE?

Entering an event

To enter an event. You need to get a:

  • CAMS License: Our Motorkhana, Khanacross and Gymkhana events require a CAMS 2NS License. You can download the application form from the CAMS Website.
  • Club Membership: Head to our membership page and sign up as a member! We also accept entries from members of other CAMS Affiliated clubs.

Before entering an event, it is important to understand what you are required to do for the event, including when the event starts, any rules for competition etc. To find out these particulars, you will need to read a couple of documents!

  • Supplementary Regulations: Before every event, Supplementary Regulations (often just called “supp regs”) will be posted to this website. This document will have all the information you need about the event, location, starting time, cost and importantly information specific to the event. It is important to always read the supp regs before going to an event, even if it’s an event you attend often. These regulations will also contain contact information of people you can talk to about anything to do with that event and they would always be happy to help get you started
  • Series Regulations: Many times the supp regs will refer to rules for the series. These are also posted on the website under the discipline specific page.
  • Entry Form: blah